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Barbara Pennington

Career Barbara Pennington was born in 1950s Chicago and began her musical career when Hi-NRG and Soul record producer Ian Levine came to the United States in search of new talent for his record label. In terms of vocal exuberance, her voice may be compared to that of 2000s singer Chaka Khan, also a native of Chicago. After a slow start, Pennington eventually scored music hits in the UK, the first of which,Barbara Pennington "Running In Another Direction", was followed by "Twenty-Four Hours a Day". By the early 1980s, she had scored several disco hits, then several more Hi-NRG hits across mainland Europe. Her Stateside success was more variable, but not a failure. "Twenty Four Hours a Day" also became a disco hit in the U.S., peaking at 4 on the Club Play Chart, and "You Are the Music in Me" which peaked at 20 in 1977. Her single "On a Crowded Street", from the album Out of the Darkest Night, became popular on both sides of the Atlantic in 1985. Follow up singles such as "All American Boy", "Don't Stop the World", "Way Deep Down in My Soul", "Fan the Flame", and "Out of the Darkest Night" all became major European hits, while remaining relatively unknown in the U.S. Barbara Pennington retreated from the public arena in the early 1990s. Her final release to date was the 1995 compilation The Very Best of Barbara Pennington

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    Midnight Ride 1979 United Artists Records
    Out of the Darkest Night Record Shack Records 1985
    The Very Best of Barbara Pennington 1995 Hot Productions


    "Running in Another Direction"
    "Twenty Four Hours a Day"
    "You Are the Music in Me"
    "Spend a Little Time with Me"
    "I Can't Erase the Thoughts of You
    "There Are Brighter Days"
    "Don't Stop the World"
    "Way Down Deep in My Soul"
    "Midnight Ride"
    "Fan the Flame"
    "I Can't Keep My Heart Still"
    "All American Boy"
    "I've Been a Bad Girl"
    "On a Crowded Street"

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