Northern Soul Top 600

301. Traynor, Jay – Up & Over

302. Little Ann – What Should I Do

303. Andrews, Lee & the Hearts – I’ve Had It

304. Jay & the Techniques – Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie

305. Lewis, Tamala – You Won’t Say Nothing

306. Day, Muriel – Nine Times Out of Ten

307. Adventurers – Easy Baby

308. Gems – I’ll Be There

309. Heatherton, Joey – When You Called Me Baby

310. Grant, Earl – Hide Nor Hair

311. Kent, Al – You Got to Pay the Price

312. Bishop, Eddie – Call Me

313. Jones, Johnny & the King Casuals – Purple Haze

314. World Column – So Is the Sun

315. Bryant, Lillie – Meet Me Halfway

316. Servicemen – Need a Helping Hand

317. Embers – Watch Out Girl

318. Courtney, Dean – Love, You Just Can’t Walk Away

319. Cooperettes – Shing a Ling

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Northern Souls Top 600 part 4.
Tracks 301 to350

How the Northern soul bug got hold of me, smacked me in the face and never let go

1972 England. Age 15

In the begining there were discos and dances at the local youth club village hall. They were places where girls danced around their handbags boys huddled in groups watching. Waiting for the end of the night,caution when hopefully the opportunity would arise to walk one of the girls home.

The urge to dance grew, look at the benifits. But boys didn't dance! To hell with it. With considerable help from the girls, the art of dancing, if that's what you call total unco-ordinated movement, was mastered. The sounds of the day Hamilton Bohannon, KC and the Sunshine band, Fatback band etc.

Then a short while after, at a Saturday night disco at the village hall, some newcomers arrived. Baggy high wasteband trousers, full length leather coats,bowling shirts splayed shoes. These guys were cool And they new it, so did the girls. Some of them carried small black boxes, which were handed over to the DJ. What happened next I was totally unprepared for, and the following few hours would change my life forever.

Their appearance forced me into retreat to the back half of the hall. Then in between The Sweet Shawadywady and the Rubettes came a new sound. Although a somewhat familier sound, something along the lines of what my sister had played when I was a child, it was a new exciting sound. The dance floor cleared, and the newcomers took to the floor. Stomping, shuffling, back drops, front drops, spinning, clapping, high kicks, low kicks all in perfect time to the music. The driving beat of the music and wailing vocals seemed to compliment the dancing so well, or was it the other way around? All my senses were going into meltdown.

The tracks being played at the time were Out on the floor - Dobie Gray, The Snake - Al Wilson, Needle in a Haystack - Velvelettes, Tell me it's just a rumour baby - The Isley Brothers.

This music, the dancing, this was for me, I wanted to be like them, and I wanted people to look at me the way I was looking at them.

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Northern Soul Top 600

320. Chandler, Gene – I Can Take Care of Myself

321. Hughes, Fred – Baby Boy

322. Malibus – Gee Baby (I Love You)

323. Jades – I’m Where It’s At (Nite Life)

324. Inspirations – No One Else Can Take Your Place

325. Ward, Clare – Right Direction

326. Chapter Five – You Can’t Mean It

327. Jones, E Rodney – R & B Time (Part 1)

328. Moore, Johnny – Walk Like a Man

329. Sweet Things – I’m In a World of Trouble

330. Henry, Andrea – I Need You Like a Baby

331. Artistics – I’m Gonna Miss You

332. Ivorys – Please Stay

333. Chaumonts – I Need Your Love

334. Little Anthony & the Imperials – Gonna Fix You Good

335. Ad-Libs – Nothing Worse Than Being Alone

336. Nero, Frances – Keep on Loving Me

337. Del-Larks – Job Opening

338. Cook, Jerry – I Hurt On the Other Side

339. Jackson, Chuck – These Chains of Love

340. Varner, Don – Tear Stained Face

341. Valentines – Breakaway

342. Uggams, Leslie – Love is a Good Foundation

343. Triumphs – Walkin’ the Duck

344. Kirby, George – What Can I Do

345. Flame N King & the Bold Ones – Ho Happy Day

346. Navarro, Tommy – I Cried My Life Away

347. Kelly, Paul – Chills & Fever

348. Jones, Tamiko – I’m Spellbound

349. Laskey, Emanuel – I’m a Peace Loving Man

350. Lewis, Barbara – I Remember the Feeling

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