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Gloria Jones

Gloria Jones was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on October 19th, 1945, and moved to Los Angeles at the age of 8, where she first started singing. Gloria's first taste of fame came at the age of 14, when, while still at school, she formed with Billy Preston the successful gospel group the Cogic Singers. Although she remained with the group for some four years, it was inevitable that Gloria would move on to greater things, and she soon found herself drawn into the hurricane of the Los Angeles pop scene. Her first single "Heartbeat" was an instant R & B chart-topper, and in-fact still sells for huge amounts of money on the Northern soul circuit.

Gloria studied piano, and acquired an advanced classical degree primarily in the works of Bach. This basic training turned out to be of immense practical use as she moved into the Motown fold, where she wrote and produced a string of hits for Berry Gordy. Songs that Gloria worked on during this period include The Supremes' "Have I Lost You" (writer), Marvin Gaye and Diana Ross "My Mistake" (writer), Junior Walker's "I Ain't Goin' Nowhere" (writer/producer) and the Four Top's "Seven Numbers" (writer). The most fondly remembered song that Gloria penned was Gladys Knight and the Pips "If I Were Your Woman", which was nominated for a grammy award in 1972.

However, Gloria left Motown at the end of 1974,gloria jones subsequent to the release of her much acclaimed album "Share My Love". It was at this point that her association with Marc Bolan began. After meeting in L.A. they teamed up for such T.Rex hits as Teenage Dream, Truck on Tyke, Zip Gun Boogie, New York City, Dreamy Lady, London Boys, and most recently Laser Love, with Gloria belting out vocals in her own inimitable style.

Since then, Gloria, quite rightly, has been signed to EMI as a solo artist, her first single being a disco version of Bolan's 1971 hit "Get It On". To coincide with the release of her latest single "I Ain't Goin' Nowhere", Gloria has been busy with the highly popular funk/soul group Gonzales. She produced their latest single "Brandy(You're A Fine Girl)" and has also toured the country with them, first on the Bob Marley tour, and more recently with the chart group Osibisa.

Not only has she found time for all these things (not forgetting young Rolan of course!), but we now see the release of her debut British solo album, entitled "Vixen" (EMC 3159) containing a dozen very soulful tracks.

And there are still plenty of surprises to come!

Solo singles

    1964 - "Tainted Love" / "My Bad Boy's Coming Home"
    1966 - "Come Go With Me" / "How Do You Tell An Angel"
    1966 - "Heartbeat (Part 1)" / Heartbeat (Part 2)"
    1966 - "Finders Keepers" / "Run One Flight Of Stairs"
    1971 - "Look What You Started" / "When He Touches Me"
    1971 - "I Know" / "I Believe In You"
    1973 - "Tin Can People" / "So Tired"
    1975 - "I Ain't Going Nowhere" / "Simplicity Blues"
    1976 - "Get It On (Part 1)" / "Get It On (Part 2)"
    1976 - "Tainted Love" (New Version) / "Go Now" (Album Version) (12" - MAXI)
    1967 - "Come go with us
    1977 - "To Know You Is To Love You" / "City Port" (with Marc Bolan)
    1977 - "Go Now" (Single Version) / "Drive Me Crazy (Disco Lady)"
    1977 - "Bring On The Love" (Single Version) / "Cry Baby"
    1977 - "Bring On The Love" (Album Version) / "Bring On The Love" (Instrumental)
    1978 - "When I Was a Little Girl" /"When I Was a Little Girl" (Instrumental)
    1978 - "Windstorm" / "Blue Light Microphone"
    1979 - "Listen To Me" / "Father I'm Coming Home" (From the v/a Double Album Alpha Omega)

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